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Published on October 24, 2001 By misterME In WinCustomize Talk
I absolutely love Alexandrie's "XP Nature" skin for WindowBlinds3. My only beef with it is the large, italicized font used for the taskbar items. So I went into the personality file to change them...

...And got completely lost. There are lots of font references, but I can't make heads or tails of them. Nor can I figure out how to add shadows to the text. Is the naming convention for fonts nailed down? Cause I don't get it...

I tried loading the file into SkinStudio (despite the warning) and all I could accomplish was corrupting the XP Taskbar and StartPanel stuff (I guess that stuff isn't supported yet in SS?).

on Oct 24, 2001
Maybe this can help you.
on Oct 24, 2001
Actually, no. It's outdated now with the intro of the new UIS3 (or whatever it's called) format.

But thanks nonetheless.
on Oct 24, 2001
I believe UIS3 is not implemented yet. Brad said before it will be implemented in WB3.1 or something.
on Oct 24, 2001
OK, I looked at her XP Jeans skin in order to try to answer your question, but I must admit I'm also at a lost. I was going to tell you to change the settings of the Font Preset used in the [Taskbar] section, but no, it doesn't match. On the other hand, there is a [XPTaskbar] section with a file link to a .xp file. I have no clue what a .xp file is. So... sorry, I tried but I'm lost too.
on Oct 24, 2001
UIS3 may not be implemented yet, but it's obvious the inclusion of the XP-specific skinning has somehow changed how certain things (can) work in the (UIS2?) personality file. XP Jeans/Nature/Coppery all use code that isn't included in the tutorial for UIS2, as does Apartment and several other WindowBlinds3beta skins.