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Published on September 2, 2002 By misterME In WinCustomize Talk
Hi all. Long time no peep. Anyway, I'm using the latest versions of WB, DesktopX and WinFX. I've had no real problems of late (except for the speed of WinFX, understandable as it's in alpha) until this morning. I applied the new "Spectre" skin for WB (awesome skin, btw), and after doing so, my desktop looks horrid (the DesktopX background shows only around objects, and not anywhere else).

Reloading DX bring me a popup saying "You have Active Desktop enabled...Please disable it to continue." I look for the telltale signs of Active Desktop being enabled, but can't find any. Just for good measure, I enable and re-disable all the settings that usually affect it. Still no go.

It doesn't matter which WB skin I apply or which DX theme, I still get the message and the funky desktop.

Any ideas?

Just for the record, my specs are below:

Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
WinXP Home
GeForce4 Ti4200 w/
Detanator 4 40.41 drivers
WB 3.4c
WinFX 1.91a
DX 1.20c
on Sep 02, 2002
make sure your icons are not hidden.

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on Sep 02, 2002
Active Desktop is kinda hidden on XP and can be a real pain if you have it on. Open display properties:

Desktop Tab
Customize Desktop button
Web Tab
uncheck anything in the box
OK / Apply your way out